Volunteer Service

The ANP El Salado Estuary has its doors open to anyone wishing to perform community service, university internships or voluntary service. The party concerned must contact the ANP personnel to solve queries and to discuss the possibility of becoming a part of a project or create new information based on the work proposal, which must comply with the following requirements:


1.- Written request by the educational institution or organization.

The letter must contain the following information:

It must clearly indicate the activities to be performed.

It must specify the exact start and end dates of the service; the term must in no wise be less than six months or more than two years.

It must specify the number of hours the service will cover, which cannot be less than 480.

The full name of the student.

The name of the degree he/she is studying.

The student ID number.

The full name of the coordinator.

2.- An explanatory letter.

3.- A service theme proposal.

4.- A copy of the Social Security number.

5.- A commitment letter to present a final report to the ANP.

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