The “El Salado” Estuary is located in the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. It is considered an Urban Estuary, since it is surrounded by the urban area of the aforementioned Port [Puerto Vallarta]. It consists of a surface area to be protected of 168-96-50 hectares, out of which nearly 135 hectares are comprised of mangrove and marsh vegetation, and the rest are comprised of two remnants of tropical semi-deciduous forest surrounded by sequences of elements of water and underwater vegetation, a thorn forest and secondary vegetation.

Its connection to the ocean is permanent through a channel that is nearly 20 meters wide, 3 meters deep, and 2 kilometers long that leads to the port’s bay. Its landscape and habitat characteristics are favourable to the migratory birds and the development of the biological cycle of the mammals and reptiles, such as the river crocodile.

It is geographically located between the parallels 20º 39’ 21" and 20º 41' 37" North of the Equator, and the meridians 105º 13' 34" and 105º 15' 51" West of the Prime Meridian.


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